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Ultra Sun q8 

The Q8 is a 12 minute bed with 38-160 watts lamps on the canopy of bed and 180 watt lamps on the bench of bed. With 3-400W optimal extreme reflector facials and body cooling system.

Ultra Sun Q15
Q15, Has 44-160w on canopy and 180w lamps on bench of bed and 4-1000w facials also has it's own a/c unit in bed . A max of 12 minutes with curved acrylics for an around relaxed experience. 

Ergoline ambition 200

Ergoline ambition 200, is a 15 min max bed, equipped with 32-120W lamps and all around comfort for your base tan. 
Ultra Sun Q10

The Q10 is a classic model with a compact design and a genuinely spacious interior. It offers levels of comfort not seen elsewhere in her class.
Matrix L33 Hi-Pressure Tanning System

​The Matrix L33 Hi-Pressure Tanning System will take you to a level of tanning that you could never imagine. Surrounded by the sun, almost suspended in midair, the tanning experience is luxurious and satisfying. The top and bottom center lamp banks oscillate for a complete and even tan.