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Our Elhart Salon will be closing 
March 30th, 2017. Click here to read more
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Ultra Sun q8 

The Q8 is a 12 minute bed with 38-160 watts lamps on the canopy of bed and 180 watt lamps on the bench of bed. With 3-400W optimal extreme reflector facials and body cooling system.

Sunstar 432

This 12 min facial bed gives you a great tan with a mix of 100 and 160 watts lamps also 3- facials to help tan the face quicker.

Ultra Sun Q15
Q15, Has 44-160w on canopy and 180w lamps on bench of bed and 4-1000w facials also has it's own a/c unit in bed . A max of 12 minutes with curved acrylics for an around relaxed experience. 

Ergoline ambition 200

Ergoline ambition 200, is a 15 min max bed, equipped with 32-120W lamps and all around comfort for your base tan.