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In order to achieve the best results, follow all before and after directions below!

Spray Tan Preparation

• Before coming in for your tan, be sure to exfoliate your skin and remove all dried and dead skin from the body.

• Do not wear any lotions, make up, deodorants, or perfumes prior to your visit. This allows the solution to have the greatest impact with natural skin. 

• Make sure you shave and wax the day before your airbrush tan. You do not want irritated open pores on the day of your tan.

• Loose clothing is recommended for your comfort after your spray session. If you do not have this, wear dark clothing so the bronzing agent in the solution will not be visible if it rubs on your clothes.
After Spray Tan

• Do not have any activities planned after your tanning session that would cause you to perspire or get wet in any way. Do not go swimming or be exposed to rain as this will cause the tanning solution to run and look uneven when the activation takes place. 

• You must wait to shower between 4-6 hours after your tanning session to ensure the best looking tan. Showering earlier will cause the tan to under develop and leaving it on longer will cause blotching. Do not sleep with the tanning solution on. 

• The actual tan takes between 2-4 hours to start activating and will continue to activate up to 24 hours. Even after you have showered, the body is still saturated with the DHA and will continue to tan. 

• The instant tan is just a bronzer and color guide that will wash off when you shower. It is not the tan, just the bronzing agent.

• The tanning solution may rub off on your clothes or your bed sheets. However, it is water soluble and will come out when washing. 

• When showering, use soap on your hands only. This will wash the bronzer off of your body. You may have to take another shower at a later time to get all the bronzer off. Do not use a brush, wash cloth, or loofah when showering as it will cause exfoliation of the skin that has just been tanned, therefore making it look uneven. Use exfoliants and wash cloths only prior to your next tanning session assuring that the dead and dry skin has been removed again. 
• After your tanning session, you may be sticky for up to 2 hours as the main ingredient is DHA.

• Your tan should last 4-7 days after your base tan and will remain if you maintained once a week.

• Remember to moisturize twice a day and avoid harsh exfoliates. Moisturizing is the key to maintaining a nice skin surface for the tan!

Please ask about our after care products that will preserve the color, depth , and uniformity of 
your tan longer. Add 3-5 days with a tanning extender alone! 

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